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Any ideas, is this board stuffed? I have the exact same problem. You find a solution yet? I would install them again or download the latest ones from the ASUS website. Did anyone have any success finding out what the problem was, looks as thouth it could be the monbo. Anybody else got ideas to fix it? Yes just as I expected.

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The unknown device says it is form nvidia and made by asus but that is all. In particular where it says Sound, video and game controllers. I tried going through device manager and ae them on the CD but non of the drivers we. I tried many things, but in the end, found that by reinstall of windows, and installing the Audio drivers first, I was able to get it working.

M2n-mx se audio here is something else you m2n-mx se audio try. In device manager it says I have a PCI device that requires drivers.

M2N-MX SE | Motherboards | ASUS Global

I would like to see a screen output of the Unknown Device program: Thanks for the reply Edit: Is m2n-mx se audio any other cards installed in the PC? Any ideas, is this board stuffed? I installed the m2n-mx se audio that came with the mobo and nothing, i downloaded the drivers available on the ASUS website and still nothing. Failing that is there any chance you can take a screenshot of the program running for me? Thanks TreeFiddy that is definitely a last option, however looks like it is gonna have to happen.


The results can be found Here.

Also when you are inside this program highlight the device which does not have a driver for it, then press F3. M2n-mx se audio will then do a search for a driver. You find a solution yet?

No sound on M2N-MX SE – Audio – Desktops

I have installed, uninstalled sound drivers, chipset drivers new and old! Yes just as I expected. I auvio post details but it would just be a word for word repeat as my problem is exactly the same.

Download and run the following program. You m2n-mx se audio even have to use the “Have Disk” option for this to work and browse to where your drivers CD is and the associated file that is needed. Seeing as how this thread came up in google when m2n-mx se audio searched for a solution I thought i would post what worked for me.

Did anyone have any success finding out what the problem was, looks as thouth it could be the monbo. Thanks for the suggestions.


Asus Motherboard M2N-MX SE PLUS User Manual: Front Panel Audio Connector; Speaker Connector

You never know, it might help. No sound what so ever from the front panel or the back of the mobo.

I tried this again and every other m2n-mx se audio and still not solved. Also can you take a screen shot of your Device Manager for me? Ill try this again, Did you have to install any drivers after this was done?

m2-nmx I have tried installing directly from device manager, directly off the CD, and through m2n-mx se audio downloaded driver off the website.

It should be by default. Thank you for your time. Also did you try pressing F3 on the unknown device to see if the driver can be located for you? Ok I did a reformat m2n-mx se audio still the same problem.