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Submit a News Tip! Noise-suppression systems in digital cameras tend to flatten-out detail in areas of subtle contrast. In Super Macro mode, however, the minimum area is quite small, measuring 1. Marked with an “M” on the Mode dial, this mode puts the user fully in control of all camera settings. Olympus sp dive camera Was diving in Honduras C A. Details are sharp and clear at full wide angle, and coma distortion is minimal.

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Olympus sp 350 set of lens threads lets you connect Olympus’ accessory conversion lenses, extending the camera’s wide angle and telephoto capabilities.

There’s also a framing guideline option, which divides the image area into thirds horizontally and vertically, or adds diagonal lines, to help you line up difficult shots. The best instant cameras. LG has “pre-announced” its new flagship smartphone V40 ThinQ and confirmed a triple camera array featuring super-wide, standard wide and telephoto lenses. In addition a histogram function is available, both in playback mode and in real-time whilst framing, to enable exposure distribution to be checked on olympus sp 350 extra-large 6.

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If you look at the image at percent onscreen, you’ll think it won’t print well at all, olympus sp 350 our prints show that more pixels are starting to add up to better images overall. When you’ve finished the sequence, olympus sp 350 images are displayed so you can delete the unwanted ones. In Manual mode, the left and right buttons control the aperture setting, olymus the up and down buttons adjust the shutter speed.


Digital Cameras – Olympus SP Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Fujifilm GFX 50R pre-production sample gallery. The big olympus sp 350 gives you a far better hold on the camera than other small cameras in this class, yet the camera still travels well. The item may be a factory second or a new, unused item with defects or irregularities.

Additional olympus sp 350 of the Olympus SP include buttons for setting the built-in flash and exposure, zooming in or out from a subject, viewing the last picture taken, erasing pictures and printing pictures.

Colors are WOW and anybody can shoot and if a pro all the features are there. Directly right olympus sp 350 the Power button, this button cycles through the available flash modes in Record mode.

The Olympus SP’s images are reasonably sharp, though with noticeable over-sharpening and edge enhancement in high contrast areas, such as the olympus sp 350 frame above. In Aperture and Shutter Priority modes, the up and down buttons adjust the available exposure variable. Read our review of it if you’d like, but download the program nowso you’ll have it. s;

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S; 3, IR gets a small commission from sales of the product, but I’d highly recommend the program even if we didn’t. Behind the Shutter button on the top olympus sp 350, this notched dial controls the camera’s operating mode. Optical zoom and digital zoom can also work together for optimal magnification. The Olympus SP features a 8.

In Playback mode, olympue Right and Left arrows olympus sp 350 through captured images. The patch will let the camera work with NiMH batteries, whose voltage is typically 1.

Overall color looks good, though a hint dark, making olympus sp 350 blue flowers dark and purplish. The Olympus SP produced fairly soft corners in a few shots, olympus sp 350 the left olgmpus showed the strongest effect at both wide angle and telephoto. The Olympus SP will assist with focus. Skip to main content. Sep 29, But if you’re a patient photographer, or need a very good and small solution while traveling, you’ll find the Olympus SP a satisfying olhmpus tool.


Olympus SP Series SP-350 8.0MP Digital Camera – Black

Chromatic aberration is rather high at wide angle, showing olympus sp 350 pixels of very bright coloration on either side of the target lines, but decreases to very low levels at telephoto focal lengths. We recommend moving your subjects into the shade and letting surrounding light fall on them from a big building, say rather than putting them in such harsh lighting; if you olympus sp 350 get a shot like this, switch to force flash mode to fill in those shadows.

We ran the Olympus SP through our usual battery of tests, and have summarized olympus sp 350 findings here. With its small dimensions, understated stylish design, olympus sp 350 a nice array of features, the SP could be a good match for novices and more experienced amateurs alike. No comments have been written yet. The Olympus SP’s normal oltmpus setting performs about average, capturing a minimum area of 4.